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How to Transition From a Breakup - My Interview on Shahrzad Shukra’s Podcast

July 23, 2021

Welcome back to the Boldly Courageous Podcast! For the next month, I’ll be sharing episodes of other podcasts I’ve been a guest on to give you a different perspective. This next episode is one I did with the beautiful, Shahrzad Shukra on her podcast, Fully Adored.


In this episode of the Fully Adored Podcast, I interview Melissa Martin. 

Melissa and I talk about how to transition from a breakup and how to have a positive relationship with money. 

 Here’s a deeper look into this episode:

  • Melissa’s story on transitioning from a breakup
  • Communication and trusting your gut in a relationship
  • Codependency: being needed vs. being wanted
  • Tuning into your body to get the Hell Yes and Hell No!
  • Your relationship with money


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